Highest Quality CBD Oil

Highest Quality CBD Oil

Highest Quality CBD OilHighest Quality CBD OilHighest Quality CBD Oil

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 This Hemp flower is high in Cannabigerol (CBG), which is known as the Mother Cannabinoid. CBG pairs well with CBD and may help to keep you perky when consumed!  Stop by and see Jack Frost and John Snow for yourself!


Your Health & Wellness Matter

Searching for ways to find relief or ways to achieve and maintain wellness? Diet and exercise alone are important but often they aren't enough. Over exposure to toxins in our environment deplete our bodies of vital nutrients. And our bodies respond in a variety of ways to tell us something is wrong. To manage stress and anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, and just feel better we must seek strategies that work without causing numerous side effects. 

That's why CBD is a revolutionary product


CBD Healthy Today

CBD American Shaman products are an exceptional strategy toward your overall wellness. CBD is already in your body naturally and helps the body heal itself, when there are sufficient levels.  Visit our store and share your vision of optimal health and wellness.

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 Hi, my name is Beatrice and I love working with CBD American Shaman Chouteau because my passion is driven by helping people. I love sharing my knowledge of the great health benefits that our CBD oils can offer everyone with a vast variety of ailments. I love seeing and hearing all the positive testimonials from our customers on how CBD oils have changed their lives by improving their quality of life!! I'm just a sucker for happy endings!!



Hi, my name is Beverly. I was interested in learning more about CBD so I came to the Chouteau location and learned a lot! Once I tried it and learned more about how it is a pure and organic way of making our bodies feel better, healthier and pain free, I wanted to be a part of this. Although in the medical field for over 25 years, I don't agree with the chemicals that are prescribed for our bodies that often cause more problems or side effects. CBD takes care of the problem without causing side effects. It's the natural way! Come see me and let's talk!



Hey there, my name is Karen and I use American Shaman CBD because I trust their organic, full spectrum, local KC company and their nanotechnology process that makes sure the whole product gets into my cells and not wasted! I take the 900 water soluble because I have back pain from gardening, thumb pain, plantar fascitis and foot pain and it helps me sleep. Plus it helps my memory and I feel happy instead of overwhelmed. I want to helps others feel the same way!


Bring a friend and grab a cup to enjoy!

 Bring a friend and enjoy a free cup with us! Bring a friend who hasn't tried CBD before and you'll get 20% off an item of your choice! Spread the word...



My name is Kraig and I enjoy helping people, simple as that!

Mark & Lisa


We are the independent owners of CBD American Shaman Chouteau and we both use CBD and believe in the benefits that it provides our bodies. The American Shaman brand is exceptional and we are passionate about making it available to everyone. We are both Army veterans and honor & integrity mean everything to us. We trust these products. Thank you for visiting our store!