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Monthly Event - Free Chair Massage!

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Monthly Event - Free Chair Massage!

The last Wednesday of the month we schedule a fun event so check our schedule regularly. This month we plan to do FREE chair massages so come on by between 5-7pm

All day

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Animal Care

Tincture & Water Soluble


CBD oil in the form of water soluble and tincture for under the tongue are great ways of giving your pets the benefits that CBD offers



Crunchy and chewy dog snacks make it really easy to keep CBD in your pups to fight off inflammation and joint pain



DocTurmeric Drink - refreshing, delicious and great for inflammation!


CBD Infused Kettle Popcorn - wonderful snack for the movies


Gourmet Gummies the pack a powerful punch of 25mg each!


Hard candy in a variety of flavors. Great for a mid-day shot of CBD


Almonds smothered in CBD... a great protein choice!


CBD infused Kickin' Queso Popcorn - ideal for a snack at your desk

Vape & Smoke

Vape Products

CBDHealthyToday.com CBD American Shaman Chouteau Trafficway Kansas City, MO, Gladstone Vape products

For those of us that need a quick CBD boost throughout the day, these small rechargeable vape pens are perfect! Perhaps you're trying to quit smoking nicotine? This may just help...

CBG Flower

CBDHealthyToday.com CBD American Shaman Chouteau Trafficway, Kansas City, MO, Gladstone, Jack Frost

 MADE IN USA: This Hemp flower is high in Cannabigerol (CBG), which is known as the Mother Cannabinoid. CBG pairs well with CBD and may help to keep you perky when consumed! This strain is the legend in CBG called Jack Frost.