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So many of us need relief... yet don't know where to turn. Too often we turn to pharmacy drugs instead of organic plant based solutions. CBD Healthy Today - American Shaman Chouteau is committed to giving you options. And we encourage you to ask questions...

Frequently Asked Questions & Videos


How do I take CBD oil?

There are so many ways to get the benefits of CBD. You can take CBD American Shaman products by mixing it in a drink, placing it under your tongue, applying it topically to your skin and joints or even smoking or vaping it. We also offer a variety of edibles from gummies to brownies!  Get help today!


Will it cure my ailment?

We aren't allowed to claim that CBD American Shaman will cure any ailment. But studies have shown that it works and people all over the country are talking about their results. You just have to try these amazing products yourself and observe how you feel. Let us help


Which CBD is right for me?

Come in and see us and let's discuss you and CBD. We are proud to provide a knowledgeable and kind associate who is ready to answer your questions about our products. We have a CBD product for everyone, even some with zero THC for those who are afraid of the risk of a drug test. Even our products with THC have less than the Federal legal limit. And we also offer a Compassionate Care Program for those of us with chronic conditions to keep the price of these amazing products low. 

CBD American Shaman Chouteau compassionate care

Compassionate Care

CBD American Shaman is a local, Kansas City brand committed to bringing wellness in natural ways that don't cost you a fortune. Having said that, for those of us with chronic conditions, any form of medication that must be purchased on a regular basis can get burdonsome. American Shaman offers a Program for those with chronic ailments that provides a 30% discount on your CBD. Click below to be redirected to their website for more information.


Please watch Beatrice go over our revolutionary water soluble and maybe answer some questions you may have.


Anxiety and your well being, we can help